Affiliate vs MLM Marketing Truth or Consequences


If you are involved with any kind of marketing be it affiliate or MLM marketing there are certain things that you have to do to be successful at it. With both, you have to be diligent in your activities. With MLM you have to build an upline/downline, where in affiliate marketing you have many different directions that you can choose.


Your down line will help you promote the product and sell it as well, and you list members will do the same if you have one.


Let’s take a look at a few business models which might be of interest to you.


  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. MLM marketing
  3. Dropshipping
  4. Ebay
  5. PTR programs
  6. Surveys
  7. Adwords Campaigns
  8. Adsense
  9. Writing articles for directories
  10. Promote other companies products
  11. Create and market your own product or service


If you are not taking advantage of at least of 3 of these models then I would say it’s time to expand your horizon. These are all great ways of earning extra income depending on how fast you need it. And I personally am involved in at least 60% of them. But first here are a few questions that you might consider asking yourself before starting a home base business or promote or sell a product from someone else.


  1. How fast can I start earning with this job?
  2. Will it be profitable?
  3. How time consuming is it?
  4. Do I have to contact other people to do this?


Why MLM Could Be Easier Than Owning Your Own Business!


I’ve sold all kinds of MLM products and been involved in a few Pyramid schemes in the past, and they all have one thing in common. In order to succeed you must purchase a certain amount of the product yourself to maintain a certain volume level. I’ve been involved with these types of programs plenty of times.


But they are not all the same, some of them have pyramid type schemes that you can recognize right off, others don’t. You can’t always smell a scam, it seems that the smarter you get the smarter the scams seem to get this include all Internet marketing platforms.


MLM marketing is based on a system where you have to purchase the product yourself and then sell it to someone else (your clients/members). Usually MLM companies are not associated with affiliate marketing.


MLM marketing is similar to being a door-to-door salesman where you have to contact other people to try and get them to join your group. You sell the company’s product rise up in the company and eventually create your own DOWNLINE, conduct meetings and the circle starts all over again.


There are many companies offering opportunities in MLM marketing and it’s a great way to earn income from home and most companies offer their business partners the possibility to market with that particular company’s product through their website or back office. Up to now I have never been involved with a MLM company where you didn’t have to pay some type of fee, but not all companies charge a membership a fee, but you still have to purchase or sell the product at one point or another in order to earn income.


If direct contact with people is important to you, through direct sales and marketing, you can be very successful and achieve great wealth in this type of business. Join partner companies that would allow your company to be maintained 24-7/365 a year. But you have to be a work horse in recruiting. 

Be careful of scams, (but not all companies are out to scam you):


There is no 100-percent, sure-fire way to protect yourself against a scam, but you have to learn how to recognize some of the Red Flags and lower your risks of getting burned. Here are some Red Flags that you might pay attention to: 


If you have to pay money to get employment- Red Flag

This is obvious. If you are asked to pay a company to work for them, even for the cost of an application fee, check it out a little closer. I must say that some companies will charge a one time registration fee, but not a monthly fee, if you use tools such as company websites, or back office then expect to pay a small hosting fee.


If you have to pay to promote or sell  a product- Red Flag

Never join a company where you have to pay to sell the product i.e. pay monthly or one time fees.


If they require you to build an upline/ - Red Flag

This means that you will have one or more contact persons above you and once you get enough people to join your team, you will have a downline.


If you have to hold monthly meetings  - Red Flag

This means that you will have to be a good recruiter, and build your list.


If you have to purchase the products yourself- Red Flag

Never join a company where you have to buy the product in order to earn money


If you have to pay for materials to get the job done- Red Flag

Avoid paying the hiring company for materials you need to get the job done. Either you have it already, or you don’t. You should get all advertising material free of charge.


Beware of calling 900 numbers- Red Flag

Never call a 900 number for information about a job position. This is obviously the same as paying for information. Just remember one thing… No serious company be it fortune 500 companies, Macys, Sears, McDonalds, or Starbucks will ever ask you to pay a fee for an  application for work in their company. So take the time to check out the company before you sign on the bottom line.


In addition to these here are some extra things which you should find out about any company which you are considering working for such as,

carefully reading the entire ad before writing or calling the hiring person or company. Never send an self-addressed, stamped envelope for further information that you need. Be suspicious of companies that hire internationally, and find out how long a company has been in business before agreeing to work for it.


Check out any company which you are considering working for with the Better Business Bureau- Down line, Up line, Power line Quick, Easy, No work-Cash machine- No experience necessary-Residual income-Turnkey-Multi-level, are among many other terms which you should know and recognize not to get scammed by companies who don’t have your interest at heart.

Why Earning Affiliate Commissions Is 500 Times Easier Than Managing Your Own Business!

You can start profiting immediately! 

Eliminate the hassles of product development, writing ads, processing orders, etc. All you do is drive traffic to your site!

Never spend a dime to develop, produce, or warehouse any products.

Earn money 24 hours every day, even while you’re sleeping or climbing Mount Everest.

• You don’t need your own website.

• you don’t need any product or service.

• No inventory.

• No money needed to market the product or service.

• No shipping.

• No angry customers.

• You don’t have to worry about anything except advertising!

The only thing you need to do is advertise a special link that they give you. When someone clicks on that link and that person makes a purchase, you get a commission for the sale. I know that that sounds easy, but there is a little more to it than that. But the beauty of joining affiliate programs is that you only have to worry about one aspect of business and that is to make money.

What is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing (in a nutshell) is the promotion of products by a third party in exchange for commission pay out/ cut of sale. First of all you have “Affiliate Networks” and “Affiliate Programs, affiliate networks consists of many companies and vendors who would like to have their product marketed by affiliate marketers and have joined an affiliate network. An affiliate program is one company offering affiliates marketers the opportunity to market their products, but not necessarily a member of an affiliate network.


If you don’t have your own product or website you can join an “affiliate program”. Affiliate programs allows you to sell products on other people’s websites. They pay you a commission every time you make a sale, the same as in MLM marketing.


Truth of the matter is, if you are a new comer to affiliate marketing you have to take the time and build you knowledge base and explore the different techniques there are to help you be successful in the marketing arena, but if you have a product or service that someone NEEDS, and you want to get it out on the market and sell your product fast-Affiliate Marketing is your best bet, and my ebook The Affiliate Project Nutshell manual shows you how to do exactly that.

Affiliate marketers promote products from many different vendors. Here, a different marketing technique is used to promote the products. Affiliate marketers use techniques which are unfamiliar to practically all MLM marketers and many affiliate marketers. This is what separate the WINNERS from the LOOSERS the $10.000 monthly marketer from the ones who are not earning anything at all.   


The best part about affiliate marketing is that for a home base business opportunity you hardly have to spend a dime doing it. You only have to know where to go to get the tools that you need, and how to do the job. Because there are 4 main hurdles that you have to overcome to really earn money with affiliate marketing. Just as in affiliate marketing, in MLM marketing, you have certain hurdles that you have to overcome before you start really earning income through online marketing.The main thing is that in both cases you have to get people to buy the product that you are selling. Question is how do you do this???

For me the energy output level is the same. In both cases you have to be a workaholic in some was to get the job done, and believe me just as many people FAIL in MLM marketing as they do with affiliate marketing.If you want to succeed in online marketing you have to be able to market a number of products-does that not make sense? The market is GIGANTIC, people speak about a Trillion dollar market here, a Billion dollar market there, and no one seems to be making money at this game so, my question to you is, why limit yourself to one particular type of company or product? 


There are literally thousands of products out there that people are selling and promoting from other companies and earning millions of dollars yearly. This is no joke, and if a person is not earning any income from affiliate or MLM marketing then they are either doing it wrong or not doing it at all.


For all of you out there and are reading this and involved in affiliate marketing, and can’t seem to get it going, here is a technique that many GURUS of affiliate marketing use that will surely put money in your pocket. So stay tuned for my next article and I will show you how to earn $40-$200 daily with this one technique, if you follow through.  


I thought that I would share this bit of information with you from the RCMG-3/WEMP solutions Desktop.

The thought of the day is - “DIVERSIFY”   


Don Ridgeway CEO-RCMG Marketing Group help steer beginning marketers, entrepreneurs and start-up business owners in the right direction to help enhance the experience and profitability of their online business, by teaching them the value of recognizing and removing the 4 MAIN HURDLES which are keeping them from conducting a successful online business.




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