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INR Compensation Plan Guidelines and Definitions
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If you are looking for the opportunity to make an immediate income and build a tremendous and secure long-term residual income, look no further. ISBAB.com Marketing combines lucrative up-front profits with incredible long-term residual income to create the most innovative program in the home-based business arena today.

Regardless of your experience, the ISBAB.com Marketing Plan is designed to reward you every step of the way. When you become an Independent Representative (INR), you are automatically placed in the ISBAB.com Team-Builder Marketing Plan. Your position is called a Tracking Position (TP). You become an Active INR when you sell your first ISBAB "ProfitFunnel" S.E.O. and e-commerce ready website.

Once ISBAB.com Marketing has approved an INR Application and Agreement, all benefits of the ISBAB.com Marketing and Compensation Program and the INR Agreement are available to the new INR. These benefits include the right to:

- Sell ISBAB.com products and services at the recommended price.

- Participate in the ISBAB.com Marketing and Compensation Program (receive bonuses and commissions, if qualified).

- Sponsor and enrol other business minded entrepreneurs to your network that are interested in earning extra income, and  benefit from our marketing and compensation program. For each person or company you sponsor you will receive 4% from all of their referrals.

- Receive periodic ISBAB.com literature and other ISBAB communications.

- Participate in ISBAB.com sponsored events that include: support, training, motivation, and recognition functions, upon payment of appropriate fees, if applicable.

- Participate in promotional and incentive based contests and programs sponsored by ISBAB.com.

ISBAB.com pays out commissions and bonuses immediately after customer has ordered and paid for their "ProfitFunnel" Website. In the case where a customer has cancelled his subscription before the 60 day trial period is over INR must forfeit all monies received for that particular customer. INR will be pain either by wire transfer or through company cheque.

 Getting Paid

Here’s how you can earn money as an Independent Representative…


 You the Ind. Rep. 

     Contact Company    The Company  
    • Contact Firms and Companies
    • Sell "ProfitFunnel" website and memberships to companies
    • Get paid commission





Company Joins ISBAB.com Network        

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Personal Sponsorship
Volume and Bonus



If an INR does not personally sponsor any company or business for a period of six consecutive months after effective entry date, the INR automatically is released and forfeits all Positions, all Business Volume, and any future bonuses.

You may re-enroll after six months of not generating personal sales volume by submitting a new INR Application, and qualifying with at least 3 new business connections, but not be entitled to your previous position.

Requirements to be Eligible for Commissions and Retain Your Business Volume

Income Bonus and Commission Qualifications

An INR must be active and in compliance with the Agreement to qualify for bonuses and commissions. ISBAB.com shall pay commissions to said INR in accordance with the ISBAB.com Marketing and Compensation Program. Unless specified differently, bonuses and commissions are paid each Monday for the previous 2 week’s sales.

The minimum monthly volume requirement to qualify for commissions and retain Business Volume is 3 Tracking Positions (TP) or 3 new customers. You must be a Qualified INR by maintaining a personally sponsored Active INR to retain the Business Volume. Everytime you sponsor an INR you will receive 20 dollars. If you do not meet these requirements, you will lose all BV that you have stored. This will happen during the first full bonus week of the month following the month that you fail to qualify.

The Fast Start Bonus

The sponsor program is designed to help you get the best out of ISBAB.com and earn income without all the formalities and so on. We try to make our plan easy to read and comprehend and as simple as possible.

Qualifying & Effective Months

All ranks are attained in one calendar month (the first day of the month to the last day of the qualifying month), and recognized and paid in the following calendar month (the effective month). In the event a week spans two months, that week will be included in the calendar month in which the week originated, for bonus purposes.For each elegible INR who personally register a new INR or CPC you can earn up to $100 in fast start bonuses. There are no requirements to earn the fast start bonus.
Bonus  Incentive

ISBAB.com will pay you a one time up-front bonus of $10 for every company that you register or a registration has been confirmed by ISBAB.com. Payments will be made by wire transfer or company cheque. You will receive your special account number which will also serve as your Identification Number to give to your customers and to receive your monthly payments.      

5-10 customers per month-$99.98 payout per customer + bonus of $10 per customer =$100 extra bonus.

10-20 customers per month -$99.98 payout per customer + bonus of $15 per customer =$300 extra bonus

20-30 customers per month-$99.98 payout per customer + bonus of $20 per customer =$600 extra bonus

Over 30 customers per month-$99.98 payout per customer will qualify you to receive our INR award of the month

For every INR you register with ISBAB.com you will receive 10 bonus points.

  Unclaimed Commissions and Credits
  Commission and bonus checks are void after 6 months from their date of issuance. INRs who have a credit account must use said credit within six (6) months from the date credit was issued.


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