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Are you successful with your Internet business? Better yet, do you think you are successful with your online business? When most online entrepreneurs are asked with these questions, they often brush it off. This is because most of them, who have not yet realize the right way to succeed in Internet Marketing, continue to believe that the mere fact that they have a website is already enough to succeed on the Internet. Eventually they all end up very upset because they fail to realize the secret behind the success in Internet Marketing.

Having a website is not a guarantee that your online business will succeed. How will you succeed if people do not know  that your business exist online? The key to Internet marketing is to get your business noticed.

An effective way to do this is to build an opt-in list. In fact, most of the people who are already experts in Internet marketing will tell you that building a highly targeted opt in list is the most effective and important tool in Internet marketing.

Basically, an opt in list is a list of email addresses of people who have agreed to obtain any kind of information from online businesses like yours. The term “opt in” means that you have their permission to send to them whatever newsletters, brochures, or promotions that you have in your online business.

It is extremely important that you have their permission first before you send them information because unsolicited emails will be regarded as spam, and spamming is an illegal activity on the Net.

Because of the feasibility of building an opt in list on Internet marketing, most of the online entrepreneurs consider it as the most treasured tool online. They need this list in order to get the consumer’s attention and sustain interest.

By creating an opt in list, you will be able to maintain solid contact with your previous buyers at the same time boost your sales because of the fact that you have a sure target market always ready to purchase items from you.

Opt in list is considered to be the most important item in an Internet marketer. In fact, if in case something bad happens like emergencies and catastrophes and they could only save one item, it would be their opt in list saved on a backup disk.

Just imagine how these people value their opt in list. If this is the case, then it must be really something, right?

So, for people who are not yet aware of the importance of building a highly targeted opt in list and would like to know how to build them, here are some tips that could be very useful.

  • Decide on your niche market or your target market. It is extremely important to know your target audience in order to keep your focus. It would be really confusing and time consuming if you would build an opt in list with no particular market in mind. Moreover, having a niche market would bring more focus on your marketing campaigns and would derive better results because you direct your emails to people who would most likely be interested in them.
  • Be sure that your selected target audience is available in the Internet. The mere acquisition of a niche market is not a guarantee that you can already start building your opt in list. Since, the concept of opt in list is specifically generated to aid in the growth of the Internet market of a particular entrepreneur, it is important to have a niche market that is available through the Internet. The concept is basically simple, how can you promote your online business if your niche market is not available in the Internet? Hence, it is extremely important to verify if your target market is available online.
  • Verify if your chosen target market is an income-generating market. Building a highly targeted opt in list will just go to waste if your niche market is not generating any income at all. Try to verify if you can generate income through the search engines, by ads that you find when you make a related search for your keywords. If you do find ads this mean that if somebody is willing to pay to advertise on the same target market that you have in mind, chances are, you will be able to reap positive results in your niche market.
  • Create solutions to the problems that you find in your niche market by using Internet forum. Checking out forums in your niche will help you find answers and  solutions to most of your target market’s problem. Through their posts and threads, you will be able to identify your target market’s problem and will be able to come up with a great solution. In turn, it will be very handy when you make your opt in list.

Indeed, the success of an online business or Internet marketing greatly depends on the opt in list. It is where the online businesses could come up with newsletters that would allow them to promote their products at the same time create the need for it. In turn, it will generate more income and make more money. As they say, money is in the list that’s why most businesses consider their opt-in list as valuable as gold because the money is in the Lists.

when you hear, think or see the word "traffic" from this point on you think of directing that traffic to your opt-in page as your primary course of action. End of discussion. If at all possible, don't promote that affiliate link until AFTER you've gotten them on a list!

  • Don't sign off your post at a forum with a link to a sales page. Point it to your opt-in page!
  • Don't buy advertisements to promote a product or a service or an offer - use ads to build your list!

Promote your list. That's objective number one. Always. That doesn't change. Ever. Got it? You need a short list of 4-6 desirable things subscribers will learn if they join your list. The important thing is to "reward the opt-in" - in other words, give your visitors some compelling reason to join your list right now. And never give your visitors the slightest HINT that you're selling something)



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