The "ProfitFunnel" E-commerce Mini-Website 2.0

in order to be successful in the affiliate or MLM marketing arena it is imperative that you consider having some type of online presence and I have noticed that many business owners rely too heavily on social media sites to conduct their business when it is much better to have your own web presence to send customers to your offer. Your website does not have to be a super, good looking site with Java Script, CMS or PHP. The main thing is that your website is functional because you don't have to spend a lot of money building or having someone build a website for you.

The “ProfitFunnel” promotional websites are designed to fit the contours of all monitor sizes, this way your site always look the same and good in any size monitor. Our websites will help you curb and save many hours that are needed to do the promotions. These sites are built so that they are easy to use, anyone with a FTP program can upload these sites to the internet and they will give you that much needed time to concentrate on your promotions and marketing efforts.

We have organized our company and website so that people can come to us and get information that they can really use that is going to help them in their efforts. We offer our members special services such as our ISBAB special promotional "ProfitFunnel"e-commerce websites 2.0 which are especially made for affiliate and MLM marketers, these sites are perfect for business owners and marketers that don't have their own website or blog. They have built in links to article sites that are "Do Follow" sites, you get a contact form, your own ISBAB marketing network where members can upload promo videos and much, much more. The profit tunnel is a website that was especially created and optimized for the competitive business owner that will allow you to master the 12 steps to online success and curb the learning process by 90%. Whether doing affiliate, MLM marketing or what ever type business you have, our techniques will help you drive more traffic to your site and your offer.

Order your ready made affiliate and MLM marketing "ProfitFunnel" Website 2.0 in a box today. Our sites will help you curb the learning process and are only available for our list members. This is what you get when you order your Profit Funnel website.

  • A Dreamweaver (HTML) website to include the following:
  • Free Network, and membership when you purchase a ProfitFunnel Website 2.0.
  • Free PHP re-direct script and folder to hide your affiliate code built in the site
  • On and off page optimization
  • Free S.E.O. meta content for your site- keywords, description and robot tags
  • Header Tags
  • 1 great up-sale product
  • Free built in contact form and squeeze page
  • Built in links to article submission sites
  • Do follow links for S.E.O.
  • The "Affiliate Project Nutshell Manual" for novice marketers parts I+II value $59.
  • Links for Search Engine submission
  • We will populate your ProfitFunnel for you at no extra cost. You provide the images and text, and we will do the rest. 

The idea is to start with a small good looking website that you can later add on to, to get a great website based on easy navigation, because we noticed that people tend to leave pages that are overly filled with ads etc. Just as Google, customers want to have information that they can use and you can have a site based on the keywords, “loose weight on tummy” for instance and have keyword based information on your site about loosing weight in your belly, info that people are looking for. This is what you need as a business owners that will help catapult your business to success quickly. If you don’t have these things on your website it will be more difficult for you to earn money as an affiliate or MLM marketer. Contact us for your special ISBAB ready made affiliate/MLM "ProfitFunnel" website in a box with links and redirect codes to catapult your company from 0-100 in no time at all. Our company is about helping people, not bleed you to death. This is why our prices were created inexpensively for you. Order your ISBAB ProfitFunnel website 2.o NOW! And change your online business life forever…More details here

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