Google has a new way of rating and placing websites. The new Google Panda update has virtually changed how Google looks at S.E.O. today. Now Google takes websites that people like more and take the sites that people like less and put them in 2 different categories which has really changes the way a lot of us need to approach SEO now.

Created by Navi Panda of the Google Group- the Panda, also known as Farmer, is an update that Google came out with in March of 2011 that pushed a lot of websites down in rankings, and pushed some websites up in the rankings, and since then people have been concerned about it. Actually it has had several updates and new versions since the implementation and algorithm come out.

They take the ratings from the quality raters panel who tell Google about the sites they are visiting, basically it’s like this- I like this site or I don’t like this site, and take the results from the quality raters panel and scale it to make decisions. They ask questions like if you would trust the site or is it easy to navigate, or does it look good, design-everything that they can think of. Google is also using the opinions of web surfers to help in their algorithm rate websites. So they look at sites that people like and put them in one group and the ones that people don’t like and put them in another group, and use the results to separate the strong from the weak. Upgrade the ones that people like more and downgrade the ones that people like less, and bingo you have the “panda” upgrade

SEOs have been doing classical things like making sure that we have good content, making it accessible to search engines, keyword research and using them in the content of our pages and getting back links; but now it’s a different game. Now we have to think about things that we never had to think of before, like the experience of our website, is it a site that people are going to love, share and trust-now we have to think about these things and become more of a strategist, because virtually everything that you do on your website can impact SEO today, especially now that PANDA is alive, because the things that they are measuring today are not only things like better linking to other sites, because some of the sites that are being downgraded have much better linkage that the ones they are upgrading. So what can we do to help the situation?

  • Design and user experience – the primary impact will be if you can make your website more attractive with good Content and  not too much advertisement, not too cluttered, up to date, good graphics, all of theses things will effect the sites ability to perform, you can have a great site, but if you have pages that are low quality, it can bring your site down and get a bad rating
  • Content - unique usable content that people can use is not enough anymore-you need content that when someone see it they want to tweet it, share it and say WOW this is a good site.
  • User Metrics- how many pages are your visitors visiting, how much time are they spending on your site, what is the click thru rate, diversity and quantity of traffic all of these things will help plan an important part in your sites rankings.

Google has gone from a search quality perspective to user friendly perspective, their users must be happy and this is the direction that Google PANDA is headed and the only thing that one can do is to conform to these changes if you want to get good results on Google'S search engine, so you need to be ready for this new form of SEO by seeing to it that not only your content, links, keywords, design etc. but also that your site is user friendly and they want to share it on twitter, Facebook, linked in or whatever. 



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