Building Traffic Through Articles and Ezines  

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. Listed here are two proven ways to get traffic to your website. Article writing is one of the most time tested ways to build high quality back links and pagerank for your site no matter what the age or current ranking of the domain. The basic concept is simple, write an article, submit it to article directories where other users pick up your article and post it on their websites which have (hopefully) similarly related themes as yours. As a result you’ll get high quality contextual back links from everyone that posts your article on their site. This could be a problem, you can write one article and as many as 100 people may pick it up and shared it with the world on your site. In reality Google will most likely only keep about 5-10% of these articles indexed in their search results. The rest are essentially disregarded and ignored.

So the obvious solution to this problem is of course is to write more articles. So you write 1 article and get 5 back links that Google counts, that’s still pretty good. So let’s write another 50 articles and hopefully get 200-300 back links that Google won’t throw out. This works, but how much does it cost to have 50 good articles written for your site? $200? $550? $10 is pretty good for a quality article. You might get them for $5 or you could write your own using an Article Extractor.

If you have been involved with Internet Marketing for more than 3 months, then you have probably heard the term: Duplicate Content Penalty. Don’t get nailed using duplicate content because eventually your website rankings will drop link a rock. What to do? Increase your understanding of Duplicate Content and what you choose to do about it. And if you use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and think that you are safe in 2009, then think again. If you are building a new website using articles that were submitted to an article directory a few months back, you are using stale (duplicate) content that is already being used on thousands of websites. On-page optimization in 2009 will be top priority. Just focusing on off-page factors such as getting back links to your website will not be enough in 2009.

The appetite for quality web content is increasing, duplicate content will not be accepted anymore 100% original content is BEST. To Get great Content, You MUST invest the time and address the fundamentals of SEO-Driven Content! This article extractor will help you create good copy for your website, and help you to write articles for your site that will get you top ranking is the search engines. So think-how will I get my content together in 2009. A long term well-planned, well-1A executed strategy is what builds a long-term insanely successful business.


Ezines are online newsletters delivered by email to a target audience. If you publish your own newsletter, you're able to build rapport with your subscribers while giving them solid information. In addition, you get to include ads in the newsletters or send special solo offers. Each newsletter has a specific target audience. If you sell a book about how to train your dog, you simply find all the ezines on that topic and subscribe to them so you can see how they look and feel. Your cost to place an ad will vary based on the size of the ad, its placement in the newsletter, the number of subscribers and how tightly targeted the list is to the target market. When you're just beginning to test any campaign, you always want to test small. Discard what doesn't work and ramp up what is making you money. Remember... test small.


How do you know which ads work and which ones don't? You must track the clicks and sales for each ad. The easiest way to do this is through using your own affiliate program or tracking service. You can use the affiliate program from to handle this for you. My favorite resource is the, which provides a searchable directory of newsletters and has all the pertinent information you need including the ad rate structure. This is a fee-based service and a lot of work goes into maintaining this database. This directory can save you hours of time in your initial advertising efforts. If you want cheap ads so you can really test inexpensively, visit. Ezine Ad Auction allows newsletter publishers to auction off their unused ad inventory to the highest bidder. Provides a large directory of newsletters categorized by subject matter. This directory does not include ad information, etc. You'll have to visit the individual websites to collect that information. This is a free resource.

How would like to get free ads in these newsletters? Take a look at most ezines and you'll see articles included from various authors. At the bottom of each article is a resource box which is basically a short ad for the author's product or service. The author supplies the article and gets the free advertising. The publisher gets free content. If you take the time to write a few articles on interesting topics related to your target market, then you can submit them to newsletters focused on your market. I've done this and had articles published to millions of subscribers. Of course, that translates to free advertising to millions of people!

Using Ezines, You Can Drive Hordes Of Hungry Visitors To ANY Website!Did you know that 99% of all websites suffer from the same problem? Not enough BUYERS! The good news is this that Articles and ezines can solve that problem!

You see, we’ve all been tricked into thinking that 'traffic' is what matters.
But traffic doesn't pay the bills. Mmaking sales pays the bills. Traffic alone is worthless. Fact is, making more sales is ALL that counts and you can spend a fortune on "guaranteed hits", spend all of your time trying to drive "traffic" to your site and still make ZERO money!

The reason is this. It’s traffic, NOT high quality targeted traffic. It has to be the kind of traffic where the person knows what you do and comes to your site interested and ready to buy! The good news is that making money with ezines creates HIGHLY TARGETED TRAFFIC! If you are tired of wasting time and money, and want to use the marketing method that has been proven effective for years... you should also use ezines as an effective marketing tool!

Free Articles

If you are building a new website using articles that were submitted to an article directory a few months back, you are using stale (duplicate) content that is already being used on thousands of websites. But of course you can get traffic to your websites using these articles-and your website will not get blacklisted for duplicate content… BUT, you won’t get top search engine ranking either. So the choice is up to you what type of content you use on your site, but be careful.

Other wasy of building traffic would be the following
Adwords is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website or offer check this link to get more information.




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